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Issue EFFL 4/18
Insects as Food and Sector Regulation

We are glad to present issue 4/2018 of the European Food and Feed Law Review, which brings bold discussions by leading practitioners and academics from around the world. This issue of EFFL has two articles on the intriguing topic of insects as food (a practice also called entomophagy), with thorough analyses on its regulatory, historical and social dimensions; also featured are articles on current food e-commerce regulation in China and the labelling of dairy products in the EU. Our regular sections on new publications, legislation, jurisdiction, notifications per EC Directive (EU) 2015/1535 and European Parliament Q&A comes rich with the latest information in the field of Food and Feed.
EFFL 4/2018 also features the latest developments in Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Poland and the United States.

View all articles of the current issue here.

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EFFL 6/2017 rounds up the year glimpsing at food and feed law in and beyond the EU bubble: Read about the ‘New Rules of State Control over Food and Feed in Ukraine’, ‘Governing Big Data in EU and US Agriculture’ and the ‘Legal Framework of Transgenic Food in Indonesia’. On top of that, our editorial board member Luis Gonazález Vaqué detects ‘Possible Unfair Practices in the Marketing of Differentiated Food Products in the Single Market’. The issue contains concise reports on relevant developments in the national spheres of food and feed law in the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland. As known, the edition also keeps you informed about the latest legislation, jurisdiction, notifications, MEP Q&A and publications.

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EFFL - European Food and Feed Law Review

The European Food and Feed Law Review offers an intellectual forum for jurisprudence led by experts in the field of food and feed law. As food regulations are evolving more and more at national and international level it is the purpose of EFFL to deal in a comparative and problem-oriented way with the effective implementation of European food and feed law in the EU member states.

Editors from different European countries, international organisations and institutions provide a comprehensive approach and a wide range of topics on recent developments in food and feed law. The magazine comprises specialist essays from science and everyday practice as well as information on national and European legislation and court decisions. Country correspondents report how European food and feed regulations are interpreted and applied in the individual member states. A news section announces upcoming conferences and other important events.

Andreas Meisterernst

Managing Editor
Maria Kietz

Editorial Board
Alberto Alemanno, David Byrne, Fausto Capelli, Christian Grugel, Christian Hauer, Alexander Keck, Malgorzata Korzycka-Iwanow, Bernd M. J. van der Meulen, Andreu Palou, Vittorio Silano, Luis Gonzáles Vaqué

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